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'In Closure' is a whimsical and eerie adventure of Sera, playing through the stages of grief. This point and click adventure is simple in mechanics but heavy in the story. Interact with objects, learn about what is going on and complete interesting puzzles. Discover if you can fix things, change the course of time and save yourself.

Be immersed in the intricate 2D pixel art style, ambient colour scheme and chilling story. Many emotions will be stirred in you.

This was made in five weeks buy four Media Design School students, Hannah, Scott, Simon and Mark, in New Zealand. If the reception is good, they would love to continue the story with you're help! This is definitely not completed, but we will hopefully get the opportunity to do so.

best in 1920 x 1080

Follow our progress at facebook.com/optioncstudios

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In Closure v0.11.zip 52 MB


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Not sure what to do after the clocks won't budge. It started raining. Do I play the guitar? Help. :)

I can't get out of the first room... I tried a lot of different ways (making the game screen smaller, windowing the engine) but I can't seem to get the option to leave inside my screen...

Can't wait for the full version! I'm eager to know the rest of the story.

i cant get out of the bedroom i dont know if its a glitch or am i just missing something

If you click slightly to the left side of the screen, there is an option to leave the room. :)

i relised its because my screen blocks out that side

I can't play your game. When I try to run the .exe file I get error "There should be 'In Closure_Data' folder next to the executable". Can you zip the .exe and data folder together?

Hey Karma! We are doing this now! We were in a rush for the deadline. Give us ten minutes and all should we well!

Okay. Thanks. :)